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Top Tips for Choosing an Accountant

In business, preparing a set of accounts is essential, whether it is for your self assessment tax return, your partnership tax return, or you an a incorporated business and need to file with Companies House.

Unless you have a background in accounting or tax, keeping up to speed with current regulation can be an unwanted task, and time that could be spent better running and growing your business.

Finding an accountant, who can complete all these tasks for you, will free this time up for you, but how do you find the right accountant? To help you make this decision, we have put together a handy list:

  1. Get a recommendation from friends and family that already use an accountant
  2. Ask the accountant for client testimonials or clients to contact for references
  3. Check the accountants professional qualifications
  4. Check the number of years experience the accountant has in providing the services you require
  5. Ask how many clients the accountant has similar to yours
  6. Ask about charges – does the accountant offer fixed fees and are there any ‘extras’?
  7. Ask how they ensure deadlines are met and how they ensure fines will not be imposed
  8. Ask if they are regulated by a professional accounting body
  9. Ask what level of professional indemnity insurance they have – this is required by all professional bodies
  10. Ask what their complaints procedure is

Here are Markfield Accountancy, we can answer all the above and leave you satisfied that we are honest, reliable, professional accountants. Call today on 01530 654 540 to discuss how we can help your business.