If you’ve got the time and energy to review your business’ financial information and then interpret the data, hats off to you.

In our experience, entrepreneurs simply have too much on their plate to deal with what is actually a very important task.

Which is where the art of delegation comes into its own.

Bringing clarity to your management accounts is what we do best. We’ll identify the key financial indicators and drivers that will help analyse performance against targets and provide you with a broader picture of your business’ financial health. We can then give you valuable advice on your main concerns as an entrepreneur, including improving business growth, cash flow and rocketing profitability.


Management accounts are not just about numbers

To be of real benefit to your business managers and owners, they should ideally incorporate one or more of the following criteria:

  • Commentary on performance
  • Analysis of key performance indicators
  • Comparisons to budgets/forecasts
  • Areas of financial focus